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October 4 Sermon Notes & Quotes
“His Steadfast Love Endures Forever”
Psalm 136


Sermon Outline

  • What is The History of HBC?
  • How Should We Celebrate?


What is The History of Hurstbourne Baptist Church?

  • HBC has a __________-year history.
  • HBC has a __________-year history.
  • HBC has a _______________: Matthew 16:13-19.
  • HBC has a _______________: Matthew 28:16-20.


How Should We Celebrate?

  • Psalm 136 is a song of ________________.
  • Psalm 136 celebrates Yahweh as …
    • Almighty God (136:1-3, 26)
    • Creator (136:4-9)
    • Deliverer (136:10-16)
    • Victor (136:17-22)
    • Sustainer (136:23-25)
  • What is the dominant theme of Israel’s history?


Hurstbourne Baptist Church; October 4, 2020
Sermon Quotes: Psalm 136
“His Steadfast Love Endures Forever”


  • “For the best of reasons, the repetition of this clause throughout the psalm is by way of chorus, for God is the fountain of every blessing.” While God “should be praised in all his words, it is his steadfast love that we should particularly celebrate.  During the worship in David’s day, the Levites would sing this same chorus in response” to each statement of historical significance.  “And Solomon continued this practice” (Calvin, Psalms, 620).


  • The following “doctrinal and practical” benefits of Psalm 136 are taken directly from Plumer, “Psalm CXXXVI” in Psalms, 1152:
    • “We cannot do anything more important to the glory of God, or the salvation of men than often to speak and sing of the mercy of God, and to incite our fellow-men to do the same. See every verse of this Psalm. If men come generally to despair or even to doubt the lovingkindness of the Lord, they will never turn from their wickedness, but will give themselves over to the devil, who delights in bringing sinners to believe that salvation is impossible.”
    • “While life lasts, we shall not be done praying; but while immortality endures, we shall not be done giving thanks. The cause for this delightful branch of worship continuing forever, and the heart of the pious always being actuated by love, they will carry on this blessed service in the finest style long after the sun shall cease to rise and set.”
    • “Christians should not be ashamed of the mysteries and miracles of their religion. Sometimes of late years there has been manifest a disposition to recede from the defense of the supernatural in religion.  This is a great mistake.”
    • “The whole history of the church shows that whosoever stubbornly and incorrigibly sets himself against God and his cause, however powerful he may be, and however for a time he may seem successful, shall inevitably perish. If God be against us, it matters not who is for us” (136:15, 18-20).
    • “If Israel of old justly and often celebrated redemption from Egypt, surely God’s people cannot too often or too earnestly celebrate redemption by Jesus Christ.”
    • “Let us abound in adoration and thanksgiving, v. 26. In this matter there is no danger of excess, so long as we are humble and hearty.”


  • “The priests stood at their posts; the Levites also, with the instruments for music that King David had made for giving thanks to the Lord—for his steadfast love endures forever. And whenever David offered praises by their ministry; opposite them the priests sounded trumpets, and all Israel stood” (2 Chronicles 7:6).
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