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 Upcoming Reminder:
  • On Sunday, November 8, after worship, we plan to have a Special Called Members’ Meeting to elect new deacons for 2021. Our Deacon Nominating Committee is recommending these members: David Alford, Bill Croley, Andrew Gowans, Brian Green, George Owens, and Josh Treon.

November 1 Sermon Notes 
“To the Church in Laodicea”
Revelation 3:14-22


Review: The Letters to the Seven Churches in Revelation

Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira Sardis Philadelphia Laodicea
Addressed to the Angel 2:1 2:8 2:12 2:18 3:1 3:7 3:14
Addressed from Jesus 2:1 2:8 2:12 2:18 3:1 3:7 3:14
Contains a Commendation 2:2-3 2:9 2:13 2:19 3:4 3:8-10 none
Contains a Criticism 2:4 none 2:14-15 2:20-23 3:1-2 none 3:15-17
Contains a Call for Correction 2:5 none 2:16 2:21-23 3:2-3 none 3:18-19
Contains a Call to Hear 2:7 2:11 2:17 2:29 3:6 3:13 3:22
Contains a Promise of Blessing 2:7 2:11 2:17 2:26-28 3:5 3:11-12 3:21

Two Positive Exceptions:  Smyrna and Philadelphia receive no criticism or call for correction.
One Negative Exception: Laodicea receives no commendation, not even for a few of its members.

Sermon Outline

  1. The church in Laodicea received no positive words from Jesus. (3:14-22)
  2. The self-sufficiency of the church was revolting to Jesus. (3:16-17)
  3. Jesus wanted the church to taste like the gospel. (3:15, 3:18)
  4. Jesus wanted the church to forsake their pride, humbly accept his help, and let him inside. (3:19-20)
  5. Jesus loved the church. He wanted to be with them and he wanted his best for them. (3:19-20)

Two Applications for our Church

  • The gospel of Jesus and the pride of self-sufficiency does not
  • Our church must always remain focused on the gospel.

Two Questions for You 

  • Are you humbly accepting Jesus’ help today?
  • Do you need to open the door to Jesus today?