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Sunday School

Our Sunday School has open Bible-study groups for all ages, preschool to adult.  Each class meets from 9:30-10:30am on Sundays, just before our worship service.  Getting connected to a Sunday School class is a great way to build relationships and discover the life-changing message of the Bible. We will gladly help you find a class that fits you! See our Sunday School Guide for a current listing of our Sunday School classes.

Life Transformation Groups

A Life Transformation Group (LTG) is a group of 2-3 men or women that meet once a week for about an hour, and use a simple discipleship pattern to fuel their internal motivation to follow Jesus. Anyone who recognizes their need for Jesus Christ can be in an LTG, and they are flexible enough to meet anywhere, anytime! See more about our Life Transformation Groups.

RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a huge digital library of Bible study videos covering all kinds of discipleship topics. These videos are available for online streaming to our members and guests. Email Jeff Smith, our Administration & Discipleship Pastor, if you are interested in RightNow Media access.

Missional Communities

Over the past three years, our church has been developing a new kind of group called a Missional Community, defined as a gospel family on mission. MCs are not primarily a worship service, prayer group, or small group Bible study (although they do worship God, pray, and study the Bible!). Think of them as local mission teams that are seeking to bless their neighborhood and to point people towards Jesus. For more on missional communities, visit our Missional Community Resources, and if you’re interested in becoming involved in one of our missional communitites, contact Jeff Smith, our Administration & Discipleship Pastor.